My Questionnaire

These days we've been learning how to do a questionnaire  with different types of answers. I have done a questionnaire  about music.


Hi guys!
How are you doing?
These days I've been doing a picture dictionary. I have learned  many different things refering to the privacity of the pictures.
I have learned  how to use pictures legally by using creative commons.There are different types of creative commons and in some creative commons  you need to put the atribution of the picture.
The topic that I have chosen for my picture dictionary is shapes and colours , in myit is quite easy to do one opinion I have done a good job.
Here I leave my picture dictionary, I hope tou like it!!


My own design

Hi guys!! I have created a new design with tinkercad.
I hope you like it!!!


Here you have another design of a house that I have made.

Here you have another design of a swimming pool, I hope you like it!

Tinkercad design

Hello readers!
These week we've been working with a program called Tinkercad.You will be wondering what kind of program is,well, it's a designing program which is very common to be used and I can say that It's quite easy to use it. Here I leave a design that we were asked to do in class.